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Don’t make privacy a thing of the past!

In a recent survey up to 74% of respondents believed their security systems were effective. They found the reality is closer to 20%. Frightening.

How does your hospital or business handle obsolete computer equipment? Think twice about where that patient and employee information goes when the IT equipment is replaced. Security breaches are the fastest growing cause of corporate lawsuits and bad publicity for companies.

Certifying the disposal of computers containing sensitive information is as important as procuring new equipment. Minimize the risk of unlawful access to sensitive data and organizational privacy by implementing scheduled physical destruction of hard drives, backup tapes and other obsolete data storage devices.

Other companies simply punch a hole in the hard drive or bend it. This is fine to keep out the average person, but someone who knows what they’re doing can still retrieve information off that hard drive. Genesis shreds hard drives down to ¾” pieces – nothing can be retrieved. We offer total destruction of data. It costs a bit more, but can you put a price on piece of mind?

Genesis Electronics Recycling is your ally in the important field of patient and employee confidentiality.

Part 2 next week …

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