New way to recycle flexible packaging on its way (Part 1)


Not all plastic is recycling friendly, some is downright difficult to deal with at all. But a new project in the UK is exploring ways to make it easier.

Axion Consulting in the UK has completed the first phase of trying to make flexible packaging into new products after it’s been used and discarded. The project, called Reflex, has had some success in making plastics bags, candy wrapper and frozen food bags into things such as plastic pipes and crates. Since flex packaging accounts for nearly 1/3 of all plastic waste that ends up in landfills this can make a significant contribution to keeping the environment clean and reducing manufacturing costs.

The next step is to write up guidelines for recyclers and manufacturers to follow to help implement the plan and make it easier to sort the flex packaging for recyclers.

Hacking the internet of things (Part 2)


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In a recent issue of Motherboard they spoke to a computer hacker who has infected 3.2 million private home routers with malicious firmware. This firmware allows him to control those computers and locks out anyone trying to get in to remove the software. The only thing that can be done to get away from this firmware is to trash the computer and buy a new one.

Genesis Electronics Recycling can make sure that no one can get into your old computer once you toss it out. We shred the hard drives and all the backup tapes so no one can retrieve the information that’s on them. We grind them down to ¾ inch pieces, no one, even the best hackers can get at that information again. Period.

If you are a health care facility or corporation that needs a guarantee of total data destruction we can come to your place of business with our fully equipped, self-contained trucks and shred the hard drives on site as you watch. If you’d prefer we take them back to our warehouse rest assured that we have them on camera and under lock and key from the moment they enter our building until they are shredded. We also issue certificates of destruction so you know the job was done right.

Take a look around our website, watch the video of our destruction process, and if you have any questions or want to hire us to destroy your date please give us a call. Leave the worrying to us, Genesis is here to make your life a little easier.

Hacking the internet of things (Part 1)

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We live in an electronic age where any type of personal information can be found about you online, and that becomes truer with each passing day.  If you are online you will get hacked, that’s pretty much an accepted truism now. Every day the bad guys get better and better at thwarting the anti-viral software and firewalls put into place to protect your devices and information. They are leaps and bounds ahead of the good guys.

In a recent issue of Motherboard, a hacker who calls himself Best Buy proved just that. He is said to have set up a system to attack vulnerable home routers and infect them with malicious firmware allowing him total access to these computers as well as being able to lock out the owners, the service provider and anyone trying to fix the problem and remove the firmware. He claims to have infected 3.2 million private routers across the country thus far. The only way to get rid of it is to throw the computer away and buy a new one. Meanwhile your information is locked inside.

Genesis Electronics Recycling can’t help you with computers that are up and running, but we are the best choice for destroying the hard drives and back up tapes so no one can hack the old computer.

Plastics and philanthropy (Part 2)


Flint, Michigan’s drinking water was poisoned with lead for 18 months starting in April 2014. In a botched cost-saving move, the source of water was redirected from Lake Huron to the Flint River without any corrosion inhibitor added before it was sent through the distribution system. The caustic river water ate away at the protective film that had coated the lead service lines supplying customers. Without the barrier, lead-laden water flowed from the faucets of homes and business bringing poison along with it.

Walter Wang, CEO of the Los Angeles based JM Eagle, America’s largest manufacturer of plastic pipe, has generously offered to send free PE pipe to the city, enough to replace all of the corrosive lines. But they have thus far turned him down.  Insanity.

Plastic pipe is not only healthier but cheaper to manufacture, install and maintain.

Genesis Plastics Recycling can help other manufacturers out by cutting costs and adding to their bottom line by buying their post-industrial scrap plastic, regrinding it and selling it back. Plastic regrind saves money and doesn’t lower the integrity of the product at all.

Look around our website and give us a call if you have something to sell or need to buy a material. You’ll be able to save enough money to become a philanthropist yourself!

Plastics and philanthropy (Part 1)



The country has been following the Flint, Michigan water disaster with growing horror.

The city has been using outdated lead pipes to funnel drinking water to homes, schools and businesses long after it was proven that a real health danger was posed by ingesting lead. Thousands have pledged to send bottled drinking water to help with the immediate danger. But Walter Wang, CEO of the Los Angeles based JM Eagle, America’s largest manufacturer of plastic pipe, has made it clear he is ready to donate millions of dollars’ worth of free PE pipe to the city, but they have thus far rejected his offer.

The city is only allowing copper pipes as replacements for the lead pipes. So why is Flint only allowing service lines made from copper that can create the same metal-related problem that sent poisoned, rusty, lead-tainted water into homes and businesses and rejecting the offer of free, up-to-date PE pipes from a company known for their philanthropy?  Governments!

PE, aside from being far safer than any metal, is much cheaper to install and maintain than metal pipes. Copper is more than double the cost of plastic pipe and at the height of copper prices, it was 10 times as much for the 2-inch pipe. In addition, when plastic pipe can be connected using trenchless techniques that cuts up to 40 percent from installation costs.

So why rebuff enough free water pipe to replace every lead service line (LSL) in the city just because it is made of plastic?


Recycling: an inconvenient truth (Part 2)

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According to a study by the watchdog group Basel Action Network, forty percent of recyclers who claim to be green are actually shipping their toxic e-waste overseas to developing countries in Asia and Africa.

At Genesis Electronics Recycling we have complete transparency and are more than happy to show you around our plant to prove to you that we actually do what we say we’re going to do. First we shred any hard drives and back up tapes that hold information so nothing can be retrieved by potential hackers. Then we hand disassemble the body of the electronics and reuse any components that can be reused and gather all toxic material and dispose of them according to government guidelines. If you do not want to come to our plant we can bring our self-contained trucks to your place of business and shred the hard drives on your property as you watch, then bring the rest of the devices back to our plant to recycle.

Genesis is committed to keeping our client’s information safe and to keeping toxins out of landfills – and we are willing to prove that to you. Take a look around our website and if you have any questions please give us a call.

Recycling: an inconvenient truth. (Part 1)

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In a study by watchdog group Basel Action Network reported by Motherboard, forty percent of all U.S. electronics recyclers claiming to recycle domestically turned out to be liars.

The study used GPS systems to track the e-waste of recyclers that advertise as being environmentally friendly and having a zero landfill policy. The GPS tracking proved that these charlatans were actually shipping everything to emerging nations in Asia and Africa where low wage workers are paid to sift through toxic materials to gather the valuable components then dump the rest in a landfill nearby.

Since there is very little oversight on the federal and state rules for e-waste recyclers these cheaters are allowed to thrive. Therefore you must be your own watchdog and get to know who you hire to recycle your electronics. Genesis Electronics Recycling is more than happy to show you our process so you know exactly what we do with your electronic waste.

Santa extols the virtues of recycling (Week 2)

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As I said last week, the elves and I like to be environmentally responsible when making toys for the girls and boys of the world. Throughout the centuries we have witnessed how the terrain and wetlands have been poisoned by a glut of industrial and e-waste being discarded irresponsibly. It makes the reindeer cry. One year we almost crashed into the Eiffel Tower because they couldn’t see through their tears. That was the wake up call we needed to implement a recycling plan at the North Pole.

Genesis Electronics Recycling in Buffalo Grove, Illinois and their sister company Genesis Plastics Recycling in Wheeling, Illinois are eco-friendly and have been indispensable in our efforts to save the Earth and dry the reindeer’s tears.

The plastics division buys our scrap at market competitive prices, turns it into regrind and sells it to other manufacturers keeping it out of landfills. The electronics division not only hand disassemble everything so as not to release any toxin into the air, but they shred all hard drives and tapes that hold data. That way the Grinch can’t get hold of our Naughty & Nice list and switch everyone to the naughty side. We can trust Genesis to keep that information out of his hands!

We couldn’t be happier with our association with Genesis and recommend them to you as well.

I’m sure once you start working with them your tears will be dried, too, just like the reindeer’s.


Santa extols the virtues of recycling (Part 1)


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People assume that just because I’m old as time that I don’t keep up with current trends. Not true!  For centuries the reindeer and I have had a bird’s eye view of the world and have seen how the industrial age has impacted the environment. We make every effort to do our part in helping the Earth while still making the little children smile each year.

The factory at the North Pole has been using regrind for many years to make little Susie’s dolly and little Billy’s toy truck. And if we have any plastic scrap we sell it to a wonderful recycling plant in Wheeling, Illinois called Genesis Plastics Recycling that sells us our regrind. They really help keep our budget in check, and that’s important when you have 7 billion people on your gift list. They buy our scrap, turn it into regrind and sell it to other manufacturers so they, too, can save money and help the Earth.

Genesis also assists with our obsolete electronics. For decades the elves and I have been using computers, laptops, iPads and cell phones to keep track of who’s been naughty or nice and to track inventory. I can’t believe we did it by hand for so long! But every so often we need to update our equipment. When that happens we call up Genesis Electronics Recycling in Buffalo Grove, IL. They are efficient, friendly (the staff makes it to the ‘nice’ list every year,) and destroy all electronics and data in an environmentally responsible way while still ensuring that none of the data can be recovered.

I highly recommend that every business implement a recycling plan, and Genesis is your one stop shop for recycling electronics and plastics!

Plummeting oil prices sound an alarm for recycling industry (Part 2)


Manufacturers need oil and other commodities to make plastic resin material. Consequently when the price of oil is up it is more financially prudent to recycle, especially in the post-consumer world. And when the price of oil is down it is cheaper to buy virgin material, thus many recycling centers across the country are closing their doors and sending their workers to the unemployment line.

Many cities, in an effort to be socially responsible, passed laws in years past subsidizing the recycling of post-consumer plastics. While oil prices were high this was a winning proposition for all. But now that the prices have been in the basement for over a year, those same cities and recyclers are bleeding money.

The post-industrial world of recycling in which Genesis Plastics Recycling operates, is taking a hit as well, but we are not closing our doors. We may pay a little less for your scrap and regrind at the moment, but all things are cyclical and this, too shall pass. In the meantime we are still buying and selling as always.

Contact us to discuss your regrind needs or to let us give you a bid on your post-industrial scrap plastic. Together we will weather the storm until the clouds clear away.