About us

Born out of necessity, Genesis Plastics Recycling was created to provide a sustainable home for the many plastics generated in the recycling of electronics by our sister company, Genesis Electronics Recycling. We're now happy to announce the expansion of our plastics recycling division as we seek to expand our materials sourcing in the Chicagoland area and neighboring states. At Genesis our goal is to create sustainable recycling and collection programs that do not impact your operational efficiency, while reducing costs and adding profitability through material rebates. We want to set up a recycling program that makes sense for your organization. Whether you're currently recycling or you want a staggered implementation across multiple departments, we want to be your environmental partner that you can rely on and trust.

Genesis buys all forms of surplus or scrap plastic: purgings, runners, parts, films, aged inventory, polystyrene foams and virgin/regrind resins.

Recycling of Less Than Perfect Plastics

With our electronics recycling background, which is primarily hand disassembling at our Buffalo Grove facility, we're able to bring value to your 'less than perfect' materials as well as the more traditional waste streams that most recyclers handle, it's those tough materials that were focusing on to set us apart. We service the Chicagoland area with our own straight trucks, so pickups wouldn't need to be full loads. We also have logistics partners that can pickup full truckloads both near and far. We can even provide drop trailers when the volumes warrant.

Certified Destruction

Have obsolete finished product or intellectual property? We can certify destruction for any items we receive; most items are ground, shredded or even re-melted before being sent to our customers for reuse. We'll provide certificates of destruction, including the method of destruction and pounds recovered.

Allow us to be your partner in recycling: limiting your waste hauling costs and helping you reach your recycling goals.

Materials we recycle on a regular basis:


Seeking ISO or environmental certifications?

Genesis provides accurate reporting and documented processes to give you piece of mind that your products will be recycled responsibly. Our programs and reporting can help your organization achieve ISO:14001 or other environmental certifications.

Close the Loop

We can help you 'close your loop' by returning regrind materials back to you or provide you with quality recycled content for your products. Not sure what you have exactly? We can do a site-walk evaluation or evaluate samples. Call or email for a quote.

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Midwest Regional Sales Office phone: (612) 554-9264


201 Hastings Dr., Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

"From the landfill to your bottomline."

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