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One source solution suite organically developed on top of our zero landfill recycling platform with maximum integration, security and value optimization for a mid-size market companies

Expired, Defective, Obsolete, or Recalled Inventory Professionally Retired

Genesis Dome understands importance of proper destruction of unwanted inventory to your company's brand and product integrity. We provide and manage secure disposition solutions to guarantee that defective, expired or recalled products will not be misused or land in the gray market.

We customize a solution that meets the need for a one-time bulk pick up or regularly scheduled destruction. A strict chain of custody is maintained throughout the process of collection, transfer and destruction. Our R2 certified facility offers 24-hour monitored surveillance to ensure unparalleled security. After your product is destroyed, a Certificate of Destruction is issued for your records. Our efficient solutions and accurate reporting will ensure your satisfaction, and guarantee that all specific requirements are met.

The Impact of improper Inventory on Your Brand

Companies invest billions of dollars in managing their brands. Brand management involves visual presentation, customer satisfaction, quality of product and many other aspects. It is the overall execution of how a company's product brands are perceived in the market. Many companies heavily vested in brand management in order to protect their favorable image. If goods are discovered damaged, outdated, blemished, or recalled for safety reasons, it becomes critical for a company to stop these products from further reaching the marketplace in order to protect their brand image. Quickly getting them out of circulation for proper disposal can have an enormous impact on the brand's future image and sales. Failure to do so, may result in their products turning up on the Grey market with damaging consequences.

Grey Market and Your products

Grey market is the trade of legitimate products through distribution channels that are legal but unintended by the original manufacturer. In a grey market, brand name products are sold legally but outside of the manufacturer's control. The original manufacturing and distribution companies do not profit from grey market sales. These are almost always products that have being found faulty, expired, damaged or unsafe by the original manufacturing and distribution channels.

Consumers, who buy legitimate products through resellers on a gray market, will not receive the benefits of manufacturer's warranties or any type of customer service. In the event of an injury, faulty, expired, damaged, or even unsafe goods that are sold in the grey market can result in legal actions from the consumer against the brand, bypassing the gray market reseller. This is one of the primary reasons why you must exercise concern over your products ending up in the grey market.

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