We are celebrating our 10th year of serving Chicagoland. Last year alone we recycled over 16 mil lbs of e-waste. It means that 16 mil lbs of highly toxic waste did not end up in a landfill but rather was re-introduced back into manufacturing stream saving environment, energy and reducing polution and Greenhouse effect.

Genesis Electronics Recycling is the source for collecting, dismantling and recycling of E-Waste as well as Certified Data Destruction. We are providing corporate, governmental, and manufacturer recycling programs covering local, state, regional and national levels for betterment of the environment.

We perform only environmentally friendly recycling using de-manufacturing and assets re-marketing processes. Computers, monitors, printed circuit board, telephone equipment, TV's, VCR's or any other electronic devices, that are unusable get disassembled into component parts and sent to certified facilities for metals and other materials recovery. Nothing from de-manufacturing process is going to a landfill.

(Guaranteed by our "Certificate of Green Recycling"). We have a 0% landfill policy.

Our process consists of following easy steps:

  • Each device is evaluated to determine the best recycling/recovery method.
  • Anything that can be reused is removed.
  • Equipment that appears to be marketable is thoroughly tested to assure it meets the required specifications.
  • CRT's and various parts that contain hazardous materials are sent to appropriate licensed smelters for raw materials recovery.

Genesis Electronics Recycling Offers:
Pickup and Protection
Recycling and Recovery services
Secure Data Destruction

Secure | Convenient | Environmentally Safe

R2 responsible recycling ISO 14001:2004 ISO ohsas 18001 Naid member Illinois recycling association
Genesis Electronics Recycling, Inc., Recycling  Computers & Other Electronics, Buffalo Grove, IL